Someone Like You

Some people say, you have to forget the past
Others ask to hold on
Me, myself stand between them, can’t forget or hold on
Especially when I am fall down
October, October is my ruin month
No body has the perfect reason
Even God doesn’t know

Leave me, leave me alone…
I don’t need anyone
Kiss me, kiss me for the last time to end
End this suffering moment

You. Yes, you!
Only you! You knew the reason
Understand my passion, there’s no one like you…

The Dream (The Bed): What a sweet dream!

What a sweet dream!

I just laying on my bed

when the earthquake’s shaking the earth

like a lullaby in a hurricane windy day.

You, yes, you…

sleep tight under the sky

camouflaged by the stars.


How could we fall in love each other
while the world and moon’re making war
how could we stay forever
while God is ever after

Death is only love, live is a heaven
The dream never comes true and the fear comes closer
I saw you, in the nightmare
You’re sleeping away in your wedding dress without me
Without me…

“Burning Giraffes and Telephone”

“Ring… ring… ring…”

I hear nothing…
only my heart is beating slowly

“Ring… ring… ring…”

I pick up the phone again waiting for the one speaking
but I hear no one talking

“Ring… ring… ring…”

I let the phone singing the sad song
while I packing the luggage…

“Ring… ring… ring…”
No one hear the phone’s crying
I just left the house and burn the field…

Burning all of our memories
Burning the damned phone

“Ring… ring… ring…”
On the other part of world, in a telephone box you’re whispering…