Rumah Kita

Build a home with you is a heaven
Being with you is a miracle
Spend my life with you is a present

There are no words that could describe how I feel
Because we explain it by kissing and hugging

Then, God complete us with His love
The greatest love we had
the best story He made

Part 1 #untukmu

My Wishes

Some people say tonight is a holy night
A holy day to pray and enchant God’s name
I’m here, try to ask and listen the answer
How’s God make our day peaceful
Create a rainbow among the rain and snows
Or present a baby for those who luckily

And I still try to ask Him
Asking for my wishes come true
To be better day by day
Be a friendly partner,
a lovely wife,
a great best friend,
a good mother for our children (later),
And a lovable one for my husband…